Friday, 29 August 2014

ModelAiR Bright Colours Modelling Material Review

We was very excited when we was asked to pick something off the Viking website to review. Viking is a global company and is one of the largest suppliers of office stationery and office products in the world. Picking something was a huge task as the website is huge. There is so much choice on the site from Inks and toners, furniture, office supplies, cleaning and catering and technology. The site Is pretty easy to use with different categories.

We picked the ModelAiR Bright Colours Modelling MaterialWith the weather changing very drastically this week, its a perfect activity for a rainy day. 

The modelling material comes in four colours Yellow, White, Red & Blue. It is foil wrapped individually and its so soft and fluffy. The ModelAir is very easy to use and to model different things, you can mix it to make different colours and both the children really enjoyed the sensory experience of the material.

The kids have made, ponies, snowmen, snails, egg & chips and multicoloured babies.

Non-toxic and safe for children, you can wrap it in cling film in it's air tight tub and it stays fresh.

RRP -£15.49

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Ben and Holly Magical Playground Playsets Review.

Lexie was thrilled to be picked to review the new Ben and Holly Magical Playground Play sets from Character. She is a massive Ben & Holly fan and we already have books, backpacks, plush toys and a host of other Ben & Holly items.

There are three magical adventure play
sets and they connect together to form a playground for Ben & Holly to play in, each with a different piece of playground equipment.

We received the slide playset and the swing playset  to test and review.
All three play sets all come with a figure of holly included. This is a bonus as the swing set really needs two figures to swing, its a shame that each pack doesn't come with a different Character to play with. So you don't end up with the same ones.

Lexie enjoying taking Holly for a swing as it does swing to and fro, the detail on the sets is very Ben & Holly and Lexie enjoyed taking the slide set into the bath so when Holly slides she falls in to the bathtub. The play sets are sturdy and are thick plastic the sets connect by a clip in function which are easy to get on and off.

After receiving the set I think they are add on's for the Ben & Holly Thistle Castle Play set, to extend the castle.

RRP - £9.99 Each 

Everything Is Awesome - #LegoMovieParty

We was one of the lucky 150 people that got picked to host a Lego Movie Party. Perfect for the summer holidays as a get together with Friends.

In the party pack was :

Lego Movie Bunting
Lego Movie Masks
Lego Movie Notepads
Lego Movie CD
Little boppers CD
Lego Movie Planner
Lego Movie Emmets Construct -O- Mech Set

If you had read our blog post earlier in the week, you will see we made Lego crayons. I printed off some Lego Movie colouring sheets for the children to colour in with the crayons.

We made some simple fairy cakes with chocolate frosting with rolled icing lego bricks. I used a mould for them and let them set in the freezer before popping them out.

We got our huge box of Lego down for the children to be create while they took it in pairs to build the Lego Movie Emmets Construct -O- Mech Set. The kids did get in a but of muddle so dad had to finish it off.

Overall a fantastic afternoon with the kids, we managed to rent the movie off Virgin Media for the kids to watch.

Everything Is awesome, thanks Lego & Come Round.


Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Ultimate Crisp Sandwich

So i will be totally honest and i'm such a plain Jane when it comes to a crisp sandwich. I'm a two piece of bread and butter type of girl. 

To celebrate national crisp sarnie week Seabrook wants to see your best crisp sarnie creations, whether its a basic butty or a sensational sandwich 

I stumbled across this filling when i was doing the other half's lunch one morning and its been my favourtive ever since. 

First grate cheese, carrot and spring onion then mix salad cream in. Add cheese and onion seabrook crisps. 

So there you go thats my top sandwich, ok its not the best looking but it tastes amazing!

This recipe is my entry into the National Crisp Sarnie Week competition with Seabrook crisps

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Draw Your Dream Home.

When it come to imagination, Raiden is great at drawing ideas down. If you asked him to write a piece then he really wouldn't. He loves to draw and always comes up with beautiful pictures.

We got sent a lovely craft pack so Raiden could draw his dream home.

I will start off at the bottom where the orange part is warm like lava squidgy floor. Its not that hot so you can't walk on it though. The ladders have a slide attached to them so you can go from the bedroom to the ground floor. 

The bottom room has stripy lick able wallpaper that tastes like sweets which never runs out of taste.

The top blue glittery square is a lava lamp wall, so the bedroom is never dark. This room has a climbing wall for fun, and is covered in plastic balks like a huge ball pit.

The next room has a truck bed, which has lots of room for sleeping. The headlights are water taps so if you are thirsty in the night you can get a drink.

'in association with Principality Building Society

Friday, 22 August 2014

Look In My Letterbox

Back again with the goodies I've received this week though the post. This week has been a bit slow to be totally honest.


Some Rastamouse books, these are going in Lexie's Christmas box.

A Pokemon bundle turned up out the blue from splat magazine.

Review Items

Stink bugz


Two dresses one from eBay one from amazon both was £3.50 each.

Lego mould £2.99 from eBay

A stardust nightlight that projects stars all around the room.

Lego mine-craft for Raiden for Christmas.

Zatchels bag reduced in the sale for £20.


Balloon bouquet from baboon balloon ( just paid postage)

Lego party pack from come round for a legomovieparty.

Beach pack.

Alice Megan

Stink Bugz from Character Review

When I first agreed for us to review these. I actually thought it would be more of a scratch and sniff type of smell, but they actually smell quite vile when shoved in your face. the one really has turned my tummy. The lids have been left open a few times and the room hasn't been stunk out by the smells, but up close and personal they are quite awful. Raiden loves anything that has the gross factor and I'm still being woken up to The ugglys pug farting.

The Invasion of the Super Stinky Bugzzz! From the polluted sewers of the filthy city to the rancid pits of rotting trash dumps come… Stink Bugzzz!

 We received 3 Stink Bugz and the Parasite Pack to review.

There is 4 bugs to collect and the bugs come in a plastic tub which you screw the lid on and off. You squeeze the bug and the bum blasts out a smell. Raiden actually took these out with him when he went for lunch with his nan and thought it was high amusing to squeeze them on the bus. Poor nanny haha

Swampty Skeeter smells like swamp water.

Trashy Turdmite smells like a garbage heap.

Skunk Mantis smells like a skunk.

Muck maggot smells like rotten fish.

RRP £4.99 Each

The parasite pack comes with a master blaster which you attach the parasites and it blows the smell out. The set features 4 stinky parasites, including one mystery parasite with a secret scent.

RRP - £9.99

Raiden has enjoyed running around after his little sister, shouting you farted smell it. Much to Lexie's delight! These really do stink really bad. Perfect for boys or girls that love anything gruesome. The bugs are quite cool in detail I loved the cartoon effect of them.