Monday, 15 September 2014

Back To School - Tips On How To Prevent Head-lice

One of my worries as a parent with children at school is Head-lice. You know 1 in 3 UK school children aged between 4 – 11 will get head lice this year.  Two years ago I had the most awful itchy head, I checked for days over and over and found nothing in my hair the 3rd day I brushed over a white piece of paper and there it was. I was utterly mortified, I remember phoning my dad up to see if he could take me to a late night chemist to find some treatment. I remembered  Raiden having all his hair shaved off the week before so I did wonder if he had them and I didn't notice. Even though I think at school age its impossible for them not to catch them there are some ways you can try and prevent it. 

I've put together some top tips to try and keep head lice at bay.

~ Keep hair short or tied up. This stops a lot of hair touching at school.

~ Check regular, I check every week when they are having a cuddle on the sofa. Paying attention to behind the ears and nape of the neck.

A prevent shampoo like this one from Vamousse  Protect the whole family with this shampoo. Prevent head lice infestation and zapp lice before they have chance to lay eggs. Use like a regular shampoo, massage into hair, wait a few minutes then rinse. It smells really nice & leaves hair feeling very soft.

You can also pop a few drops of tea tree oil in to your shampoo at home too or even a water spray to use in the mornings. Apparently head lice do not like this very much.

Keep brushes, hats, scarfs & towels to each child so they can't contaminate each other.

If you are caught out Vamousse has a one-step mousse treatment, no need to reapply, no drips or greasy mess. The treatment comes with a steel lice comb, the mousse application is non toxic, pesticide free and very easy to use. Proven to kill 100% of lice and eggs in just 15 minutes.

Vamousse have even launched a free mobile gaming app, High Noon for Head Lice to keep the kids occupied while parents treat the lice. Available now in the App Store and Google Play. My kids love the game, it’s a super bit of fun.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Vegan Perfume Review From Fairypants

The last few months I've been researching to what I use in the sense of beauty items, how they are made if they contain animal ingredients or tested on animals and I've been truly  shocked with some of the things I've found out. Its extremely hard to figure out what's ok and not to use. As some companies that are cruelty free that carry the bunny logo there sister companies will test, so you are lining there pockets. Body shop is owed by LOreal which is a huge animal tester. Even superdrug's own label there sister company is a huge company in china. In china its the law that products ARE tested on animals so they are fit for humans.

Fairypants  was looking for brand new testers to try out their new perfume its still in development at the moment but I know 90% of perfume is normally tested out on animals. So this is a refreshing change to see something that won't be as everything from Fairypants is completely vegan/cruelty free and and is all hand made. Plus it only tested on humans, like me!

They want to produce several mini ranges of gorgeous, unique scents.  Two mini ranges of fragrance, one based on favourite cocktails, and one on sweet treats so there's something for everyone fruity, spicy, floral you name it!  The finished products will be in gorgeous 25ml frosted glass bottles and will keep in line with their pretty unique packaging.

I received Irish Cream- fruity alcoholic notes of apple, lemon and a hint of toffee with a spicy ginger nuance, amber, musk and vanilla. The perfume smelt nice as it went on but after a while it just left a vanilla musky smell. I'm not much of a musky perfume person, I tend to go for floral/fruity perfume so it was a massive change for me. It lasted pretty well I would personally top it up half way though the day. I'm going to check out some of the other scents from the range and I think the 25ml bottles are great as they will be handbag size. I also put an order in for two of there nail polishes on Friday, I can't believe they are only mere £3.99 each, I normally pay £11+ for one bottle eeeppp!

Want to try them out yourself Just type 2014 in at the checkout for 15% discount off your first order total.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Look In My Letterbox

I love doing this post every week now, it reminds me how lucky I am in my both of my hobbies. Blogging and entering competitions, looking back on some of my look in my letterbox posts I've got some very exciting mail though. Although I bet my postman secretly hates me.


You beauty box, it was free with a code which I picked up on facebook and it has very neat items in.

Stur mango and orange juice to add it to water for an instant drink

£50 cheque for appearing in Pick me up magazine about my slimpod weight loss


Montagne Face masks - I love these face masks they are my favourite ever.


Pig out game

Vamousse shampoo and treatment

Two huge boxes of Sofia goodies for our party next week

Naanster treats

After reviewing the flying bath book last we we received a signed print from Julia Donaldson


Coconut pack and mini hand cream from a blog sale

Wii mario game ( my son saved his pocket money to buy this last week from ebay)

After I saw this on Alice's blog last week I had to buy one how cute is this!

Two DVDs for each of there Christmas Eve boxes, some books for my son. A wii u game all for under £32 off amazon. 

Alice Megan

Friday, 12 September 2014

We Are A Sofia The First Twitter Party Host #sofiasmicroworld

We have been kindly picked to host a Sofia party on the 18th September from 4pm- 6pm. Please join me to win on the spot prizes with the hash tag #sofiasmicroworld. We received two boxes full the the brim of Sofia goodies this week. It was a tad overwhelming to open. Lexie had just recently got in to Sofia after watching the episodes with the Disney Princesses what better to have our own Sofia party too with her friends.

In the box was the following

• Sofia the First invites
• A Sheet of stickers – ‘I’ve been to a Micro Twitter Party’
• Party plates, cups, and balloons
• Food Recipes, cakes and cutters.
• Activity Sheets, colouring sheets, crayons.
• Take home gifts, Micro play set, sweets, DVD, Sofia the First posters
• Party Games and prizes. Including an egg hunting game and pass the parcel.

I'm excited myself getting though the box and getting it all in to order. I can't wait for the party games its going to be amazing! 

Lexie will also be reviewing two of the micro world Play sets this week too.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Our Bucket List In Pictures

Before the holidays we did a bucket list of 30 things click HERE to see. 

We didn't manage to do them all but we wanted to show you in pictures what we did do.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Pokemon X and Y Battle Ready Pikachu & Trainer's Kalos Region Pokedex Review

The past few weeks we have been very lucky, we received a huge bundle of Pokemon toys from a competition win which was totally out the blue as they just turned up. Raiden loves Pokemon, and we watch it every morning before school. So we was super delighted to receive another two Pokemon items from the Tomy range.

I think the yellow cuddly Pikachu is everyone favourite Pokemon isn't he that cute little face, he is pretty adorable isn't he. We received the Pokemon X and Y Battle Ready Pikachu, he is quite one of the larger toys, not like the little figures you get. 

He comes with a backpack adjustable harness that you can attach Pikachu on the shoulder. 

On the back is a little tub where you can store the yellow foam discs ( it comes with 8 discs) so you can take them where ever you go.

Pikachu fires foam discs from either your shoulder pad or on the floor. You press the button on his paw and pull down his ear gently to start shooting.  To add the discs you just flip up the little catch on the back and pop them in. Don't overfill it otherwise them seem to push out of place, we found out Pikachu needs to be laid flat to fire the discs otherwise it doesn't work very well.

 Both the children have loved shooting each over and me with the discs. He makes cute little sounds when he is about to fire and when he fires.

RRP- £29.99

Next item we received was the  Pokemon X & Y Trainer's Kalos Region Pokedex. I will be totally honest and was quite baffled when we got this out until my son told me that in the cartoon Ash uses this to scan to tell what Pokemon he comes across and the information of what the Pokemon powers are. 

 The pokedex lights up and spins around and says 13 different sayings with a push of the button. The Pokedex opens and shuts so its easier to pop in to a bag or pocket just like Ash.  

Raiden did enjoy scanning the Pokemon he has and all the figures he had in his bedroom. Its great for role play and I think a great tool for the younger Pokemon fans.

RRP - £24.99

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Healthy Pizzas - Baking With Kids

One of our things on the bucket list was the kids to make there own tea. We decided to make pizzas we made the bread base but you can use use pitta bread, baguettes, or even naan breads as bases.

 Bread base (makes 4 mini pizzas)

3 cups of strong plain flour
1 cup of water
1 tsp fast action dried yeast
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp olive oil

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and kneed until you have a smooth dough (add a little more flour if the dough is too sticky) cover the bowl with cling film and allow to rise for around 30 minutes. Divide the dough into 4 pieces and pat out into circles. Place on greased baking sheets. Spread tomato puree over the pizza bases, add grated cheese then all your yummy toppings to decorate.

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