Monday, 22 December 2014

Pop In Box Subscription & Disney Box Opening.

I've totally hooked on these pop vinyls and I signed up to Pop in a box which you get a pop and delivery every month. You thumb down the pops don't ever want and thumb up the pops you do. Its surprise every month with a pop you will enjoy. 

This month I received the exclusive toasted stay puff which a huge 6" awesome pop from Ghostbusters .This was a Hot Topic exclusive in the USA. So I was really shocked when I opened him and saw his face. I just upped my subscription up to two pops so I can't wait for January. 

I also received the one off Disney box from there too. The box was pretty good for the price in all fairness, even though I wasn't too keen on the pop. 

In the box was a Sir Hiss pop from Robin Hood. 

Sally from the nightmare before Christmas pop.

Cadburys Snowman moose. 

Terry's chocolate orange mini bags.

Monsters university Don figure. 

Check out the website HERE prices start from £8.49 plus postage for one pop subscription you can have up to a six pop subscription per month. 

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Degustabox December Review

I was super excited to get the Degustabox box early this month due to posting and it being Christmas. I was a bit disappointed that the box didn't have much of a Christmas theme but the Merry Christmas sticker was a lovely added touch. 

Pop Chips Barbeque Potato Chips

Popchips. Never fried. Never baked. Popchips are popped! No colours, no fake flavours? There chips have all the flavour but less than half the fat of regular fried crisps*. Plus less than 100 calories per serving! These was my favourite part of the box, I'm a massive fan of popchips so these went down well and the barbeque flavour was very nice. 

RRP- £1.70 

Glo Worm Drinks 

Premium spirits and cocktails are leading the growth in the on-trade but the premium mixer offer remains traditional and limited. Gloworm evolves the category with a range of unique mixers that attract discerning drinkers, encourage consumers to try new flavours and create more interesting serves. Sugar-free and taurine-free, Gloworm delivers a stimulating experience that consumers can enjoy throughout the night.
We received three cans, I think one of ours was missing as everyone else seems to have four? The cans come in four flavours pear, spice and lime - cucumber and apple - ginger and lemongrass - raspberry & orris. 

RRP - £1.50 Each 
Kent's Kitchen Meal Kit 

These brilliant kits will create an authentic meal for four in just 20 minutes. Perfect for a simple and quick tea. Made with quality natural ingredients to create delicious, tasty meals. It's an easy one, two, three step to culinary magic. We received one of these back in October and they are really nice. Not sure on the third curry item in three months though. 

RRP - £2.50

Pukka Clean Tea 

Cup to spring clean your spirit with nature’s finest fairly-traded clean green herbs. The zing of whole Sicilian lemons and the freshness of dandelion root.
 Lovely fresh cup of tea to wake you up in the morning. 

RRP - £2.35

Eisberg Alcohol Free Wine 

Eisberg’s range of crisp Chardonnay, fruity Rosé, ruby rich Cabernet Sauvignon and aromatic Riesling varieties ensure you can enjoy the sensation of pouring a real glass of wine, while still avoiding the alcohol content. I was disappointed with it being a Christmas box an non alcohol wine. After all Christmas is the season to be merry! 

RRP - £3.49

Bonne Maman Orange Marmalade 

Bonne Maman’s range of fruity conserves, tangy marmalades, succulent compotes and delicious desserts are made using the highest quality ingredients and our exceptional expertise to create the finest food for the whole family to enjoy. Got to admit I'm not a huge fan of marmalade and it's a brand I've never heard before going to try and use it up in some baking. 

RRP - £2.30

Fry Light Garlic 

 Frylight is a unique, patented technology spray cooking oil. Perfect for everyday frying and cooking, it delivers exactly one calorie per spray. I'm a huge fan of fry light s I'm excited now the garlic spray is.

RRP-  £2 

Bahlsen Biscuits Choco Leibniz Caramel & Choco Leibniz Milk Chocolate

Indulge yourself with  finest milk chocolate biscuit, oozing with caramel. Milk chocolate wrapped around delicate butter biscuit and now hiding a filling of delicious caramel. The other pack was fine milk chocolate wrapped around original butter biscuit without the caramel. These was both really delicious and we loved the chocolate taste. They was so nice I didn't get a chance to photograph both packs! 

RRP- £1.79 

Eat Chia Samples Pack

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Look In My Letterbox

I've just realised I forgot Look In My Letterbox last week! Oh no!! I've had quite a few deliverys this week. The mystery boxes I want to do in another post so sorry for all the random boxes. 


Asus ZenPhone Lte 5

Bag of snowballs


My little pony Ty beanie - this is the last one to complete little misses collection.

I've ordered two infinity crates for the kids and two for me. 

Pop in the box normal 

Pop in the box Disney box

Mystery box from a Funko group


Water wipes

Chocolat chocolate


Alice Megan

Friday, 19 December 2014

Jackson Reece Wipes Review.

Both of my kids still use wipes for the bathroom I just find them easier and cleaner for them to use. Also wipes still really handy for everyday use. 

Jackson Reece is husband and wife duo Colin and Janet set the company making wipes from the kitchen table up after finding nothing on the market that could help their baby who had severe eczema. The company has grown steadily selling in supermarkets and has recently launched their wipes with BOOTS marking an important 'step up' for the business. 

The are not only all natural (down to the highly filtered water used in production) but were the first baby wipes to be 100% degradable (they are compostable and made from chlorine free cloth), are suitable for vegans and are manufactured in the UK.  

We received a pack of the unscented wipes and herbal wipes to test out. The wipes themselves are pretty thick and of a good size there is nothing worse than a thin tiny wipe. I love how these wipes are eco friendly, it's something lately I have been looking at and trying to be a more eco friendly home. I love how they are all natural and great for faces and bums! More than 99% naturally derived ingredients from renewable vegetable or plant extracts. There isn't really a scent with both packs of the wipes, I couldn't tell the unscented and the herbal wipes apart. The wipes contain no nasty chemicals, alcohol or parabens. 100% unscented, fragrance and perfume free. 

Also in the range is saline nose nuzzles (just clear kids noses like magic with no soreness!) and the 'mucky mitts' natural hand sanitiser. 

RRP £2.00 per pack. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Stocking Filler Gifts From Beauty Kitchen

With all the added stress of the kids breaking up soon from school with the added to and from Christmas fares, school trips, Christmas parties I've been rushed off my feet. I've finally written my cards, bought all my presents and they are 90% wrapped. 

I received a beautiful 100% Natural Soap & Bath Bomb Cracker to help me relax this week. So if you are looking for an easy and quick stocking filler this is the post for you! 

Beauty Kitchen always make 100% effective, natural and affordable products. Their recipes only contain 100% pure essential oils plus naturally derived ingredients and will never cost the earth.

Inside the cracker is a Love Me Bath Shimmer Bomb and Love Me Patchouli, Honey & Oatmeal Natural Soap.

The bath bomb has an up lighting and fresh blend of cinnamon leaf, orange sweet and frankincense. Packed full of anti-ageing ingredients that will help tone the skin. The bomb has a bit of glitter that dissolves in the bath. The scent is amazing and very Christmasy. 

The natural soap contains skin rejuvenating patchouli and intense moisturising honey and oatmeal. The soap is a good thickness and gives off a good lather. My daughter has been amazed by the soap. The scent is very gentle and light but lingers on your skin, leaving it feeling fresh. 

RRP £8.00

They also have these cool kits which are perfect for people that love to create and make themselves .

Chill Me 'Create Your Own' Bath Bombs 

Contents: 2x bath bomb moulds, citric acid, sodium bicarb, chill me essential oil, cranberry seeds & wild flower seeds.

Everyone loves bath bombs and making them is just as much fun as watching them fizz! This kit provides everything you need to make 300g of bath bombs with 100% natural ingredients. Perfect gift for any age or simply something fun to do.

RRP £20.00 

'Create Your Own' Lip Balms 

Contents: Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Wooden stirrer, 4 lip balm pots, 3 biodegradable gift bags, ribbon and 4 stickers.

Now you can make your very own lip balms and help yourself to kissably soft lips. With beeswax & cocoa butter.

RRP £15.00

All from and Holland and Barrett Stores

Debenhams Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas literally a hop, skip and jump away I thought I would make a Wishlist for Lexie from the Debenhams website. Lexie is only three and she still is pretty easy to buy for. She loves toys, figures, play sets, books, dressing up and gadgets. Debenhams have a huge range of Christmas gifts for children for every age group. 

Frozen Colouring Table £ 25.00

So I think there must be a frozen item on every little girls Wishlist this year right. I love this little table that comes with everything to get crafty. Colouring table is a great product suitable for a range of Arts and Craft activities! Comes complete with art materials and colouring sheets. Pull the roll, tear off and colour again.

Teksta Kitty RRP - £54.99 

Lexie loved Raiden's furby last year, she loved how you intracted with it to make it say funny things so I really think she would love this. 
Tesksta is a life-like robotic kitty with sound and touch recognition, meaning it will respond to your voice and physical guestures as well as any lights and sounds. Engineered with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, Tekstas’ toyetic interaction offers many actions and emotions such as meowing, purring and expressive eye patterns, so you know how to treat her. Your Teksta kitty will walk and act like a real kitten. Using hand gesture technology, you can command your robotic feline to, ‘walk’ and ‘stop’ and also teach her to perform the special trick with the mouse accessory. 

Hello Kitty XXL 100 Piece Puzzle - RRP- £10.00

Lexie loves so loving puzzles so this would be great for her. 
A lovely colourful image of Hello Kitty for fans everywhere to enjoy. Kitty seems to be floating over a pretty townscape, helped by her parasol and a little white cloud. She s joined in the sky by My Melody (bunny rabbit), butterflies and a small angel teddy bear. The puzzle is cut to 100 large pieces in high quality recycled puzzle board, and measures 49 x 36cm when complete. The puzzle image has a linen finish print to help prevent glare on the puzzle picture. An ideal gift for Hello Kitty fans aged 6 years upwards.

LeapFrog LeapBand activity tracker, Pink RRP - £30.00

I think Lexie would love something like this, she is quite good with gadgets and loves to press buttons and play games. 

LeapBand is the only activity tracker made for kids! It encourages active play and healthy habits with 50 fun challenges featuring a customisable pet pal. Kids can earn points by being active, caring for a pet pal and completing challenges such as Spin like a helicopter." It's fit made fun! There are 8 pets for kids to choose from and as they care for their pet, and play with it in mini-games like Pet Boogie and Pet Chef they will earn even more energy points to unlock new pets and accessories! Download a free companion app to extend the play to other devices. Here kids can enter their pets into the "Petathlon" to win medals and new tracksuits to use back on their LeapBand! Parent controls including School and Quiet modes, watch functions, rechargeable battery, water-resistant design, engaging audio and hi-res screen.Petathlon App is compatible with most Apple iOS devices running 6.0 or higher, Google Android devices running 4.03 or higher and LeapFrog Wireless Tablets.

My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle's Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset RRP - £44.00

Anyone who reads my blog will know my daughter is. A huge my little pony fan she loves all the different ones. I remember playing with my little pony when I was small. 
Unlock the magic of pony friendship and fun with the Princess Twilight Sparkle's Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset! Your Princess Twilight Sparkle pony figure is the princess of friendship, and her castle is a magical place with rooms to discover and a swing to sit in! Send your princess pony down the slide and then together you can unlock the castle's magic with the secret keys. You and your Princess Twilight Sparkle figure will have one adventure after another in her Friendship Rainbow Kingdom playset!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Toasted Marshmallow Fluff Rocky Road Slices

A simple recipe for delicious rocky road slices. We actually received the solo toasted marshmallow fluff in Degustabox back in October and I haven't been sure what to do with it. So I decided to switch the mini marshmallows for this. 

135g butter
2-3 tsps of golden syrup
200g milk chocolate 
200g digestive plain biscuits 
Half a tub of toasted marshmallow fluff. 
Mini marshmallows for the top.

Put the biscuits in a freezer bag & use roiling pin to crush until they are in small pieces. 

Melt butter, golden syrup and chocolate in a saucepan on a low heat. Add in biscuits and marshmallow fluff and stir.

Pour mixture into a square tin, lined with greaseproof paper. Sprinkle mini marshmallows on top. 

Place in fridge and leave to set for about 2/3 hours. When ready cut into slices and serve.

Makes  about 12 slices 

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