Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sweet Cecily's Lip Balm Review

I'm a huge sucker for lip balms, I have one in each of my handbags because I use lip balm in spring, summer, autumn and winter it doesn't matter the season.  I like to have a pot or stick on me at all times.

Sweet Cecilys sent me some rather tasty lip balms to try and share my thoughts with you.

Sweet Cecilys is a online place to purchase lovely natural skincare products which are all handmade on the North Yorkshire Moors.  They believe in only using the finest ingredients,  products are free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, harmful preservatives and SLS. None of their products are tested on animals, nor are any of the ingredients.

I received this amazing wrapped parcel. I love a hand wrapped parcel I think its makes a delivery even more special. I had three lip balms included in my parcel.

Espresso Martini ( not released yet)
Piña colada

I will start of with the Mojito which is a lime/minty lip balm. Out of the three this was my favourite of them all. It was really refreshing and left a little tingle. 

The piña colada is a lemony/coconut and the scent is really soft. 

The espresso martini has some getting used to. I'm not really a coffee person so I think that's why. It really did remind me of a coffee shop. 

The lip balms come in a 10ml metal pot, in a paper sleeve. They are pretty hard inside, but once you slide your finger about they do soften. Even in this heat in my bag they haven't melted. I hate the balms that when you dip your finger in a load of balm comes outs and the more you try to wipe your finger the more goes on. I've been pleased with the cocktail balms as I've never tried any before. They have left my lips soft and moisturised, I have really enjoyed testing these out.  Even my three year old daughter loves them too, she's been asking for the coffee lipstick! Haha

RRP - 2.95 Each 
Family Fever

Monday, 28 July 2014

Week One Of The Summer Holidays

So we started off with going to the In The Night Garden Live. I had won tickets off a blog competition back in July. The pictures aren't great as you could use your flash in the show-dome. We had such good fun and the snow was really great the characters was fantastic.

Day 2 -  We went to a local nature centre where there is a variety of animals to see there. Its all out in the open and it was a great day. The kids also had their face painted there.

Day 3 - Was a trip to the park. The kids love this park as there is sand there. It has a great selection of things from zip wires, to a huge slide and a roundabout.

Day 4 - We had a day out in the garden, where we played with chalk, magic beads and mega bloks -

Day 5- Thursday was another trip to the park where we walked grandads dog then played in the park then we came home and played in the neighbours pool to cool off.

Day 6 - We went to a soft play area. I wanted to keep lexie out the sun today as she had been in it the past five days and she really doesn't like it when it hot. The play area has air con so it was empty and lovely and cool in there.

Day 7 - We had a play with cornflower in the morning, the kids never get bored of it. Its such a cheap way of entertaining them for 79p.

So that's one week down can't believe one week is I've already!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Malory Band Review

If you have been following my weight loss journey you will know I will try anything once. Malory band got in contact with me to test and review their band to help me along on my Journey.

Malory Band is a safe, natural and non-invasive psychological aid for losing weight and improving posture.

Inspired by a centuries-old technique, a Malory Band is a narrow, adjustable cord that is worn around the waist. It feels tighter as you eat, keeping you conscious of the quantity of food that you consume. It acts as a psychological alarm bell to your conscious mind, warning you not to over-eat.

I always sceptical about these types of things, its not something that is going to make you slim overnight. Its more of a physical guideline for yourself. I think sometimes a physical reminder can help you think do I really need that. They can help to better your choices of healthier eating and support you on exercise or just make you think that tiny bit outside the box.

The Malory band is simple to use, you just tie it around your waist so its comfortable. Remember when you sit down it will go a bit tighter too. You just loop the silver bit in to one of the holes and it will sit there and stay. 

The band at first was really itchy and uncomfortable  but after a few days I got used to it and after you sit straight for a while its not half as bad either.  I've only been using the band for a week so I'm excited to see the results in a few weeks and the effects it has on my eating. Will update you all in a few weeks on my progress.

RRP £24.95 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Look In My Letterbox

Another week and another round up.


A box of apply drinks from a blog competition, these have been fantastic to freeze for days out.

Organix goodies and nuby stacking cups.

Swap items

My first ever beauty swap and I'm so pleased with my items.

Review items

Go create piggy bank from Tesco.

Dermalex repair

Sweet Cecilys espresso martini lip balm


Another new look order which cost me £15 for six items which wasn't bad.

No freebies this week.

Alice Megan

Friday, 25 July 2014

Blogger Beauty Box Swap

This is my first ever beauty box swap. I've always loved the surprise of a box from someone who you have never met. I've never had the confidence to do one as I would be worrying so much that my swapper hated hers. I really hope my swapper loved her box as I read her blog from top to bottom before I brought her gifts.

I loved everything in my box, they are all things I would generally use or eat yum!

First up was sweets. I didn't think about putting anything edible in mine, its a great added bonus.

W7 Naked Nudes Eyeshadows - I really needed a new eyeshadow set as mine could do with binning as its quite a few years old. So this is fab. Will be using this for my date night on Saturday.

Jasmin Soap - huge fan of soap at the moment and this smells fantastic.

MeMeMe Cupids Kiss Cheek And Lip Tint - I've never had a tint before so this will be great to try out and use.

Avon Silicone Glove Hand Cream - always been a fan of Avon hand cream so I've popped this in my handbag to try and test out.

Schwarzkopf Heat Protection Spray - I just ran out of my protection spray so this will come in handy.

Elegant Touch Envy Wraps - fab design love the leopard print design.

Rimmel Rita Nail Polish - already have two colours in the Rita polish so super happy to get another. Its a lovely natural colour too. 

So thanks to my swapper for a fab first swap! 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

CyberClean Touch Screen Cleaner

Got to admit, I really don't clean my iPad screen that often. When I do I normally let a baby wipe nearly dry out and use that to quickly go over it. Which has got me thinking that is so grim and the amount of germs living on my well used iPad is pretty digusting. Especially with the kids sticky fingers and god knows what all over it.

CyberClean sent me their touch screen cleaner to test and share my thoughts. The cleaner is a little type pen that is refillable with the antiseptic cleaning solution. Which also comes with three refills. The cleaner is made for any type of tablet or smart phone to keep them germ free and looking brand new.

Its really simple to use, you spray then use the back to wipe it off like a windscreen wiper. Then your phone or tablet is ready to use again. 

The pen also doubles up as a stylus which I've found very handy to use on the iPad, its also helped the kids when they have been playing games too. There is a magnetic clip that attaches to the proper Apple flip cover which is really handy if you have that type of cover too.

The cleaner has been a really help and got my thinking about cleaning my iPad regular to keep it germ free.

Available in White or Black - RRP - £10.95

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Nails Inc Concrete Monument & Stonehenge

Nail this look with ground breaking Concrete nail polish range. The innovative formulation creates a unique concrete style texture that will give you a bold, rugged finish.  Each packaged in a limited edition bottle with unique textured cap.

Love the rugged texture polish and I think the blue and yellow work well together. Its one of my favorite effect polishes from Nails Inc.