Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Halloween with Twinkl

We have been testing out the fantastic Twinkl site for a few months now. Twinkl is an amazing site full of lesson plans, interactive activities, resource packs, PowerPoints, worksheets, games and teaching ideas perfect for teachers or parents at home. The website is overloaded with anything and everything to help children learn. The amount of resources is quite overwhelming and there is so much to do. The website is mainly printouts so you just search what you want and hit print then you're chosen items are ready. I've found it best to think of something then use the search bar to find them.

We made these cool 3D Lego men which turned out pretty good and the kids really enjoyed making them.

I'm going to be using the site in full effect next week, both the kids have had targets set from their parents evening. So my goals will be based on that.

Raiden needs to tidy up the handwriting so he can start to join it up. Also make it more presentable now he has moved up to juniors.

Lexie's Targets was put more pen to paper, drawing lines and shapes. Lexie is very hands on and active but she hates to draw and paint pictures. So this is something we will be trying to work on.

I wanted to focus on Halloween this week and do a few activities based on that.

Draw a pumpkin face was really good as you can see they both turned out pretty well and I was so pleased with Lexie's. It has a nose, eyes and mouth.

Dot to dot - Raiden enjoyed this he actually did the one backwards, great for counting and hand and eye-coordination.

Halloween cones - We printed these in black and white so the kids would colour them. They look fantastic on the mantelpiece.

Check back for more posts on Twinkl soon.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I think everyone has had an awful moment or experience with the dreaded C word. It comes in the most devastating ways and is a brutal disease that appears in so many difference forms.

Back in march 2012, I received a phone call from my nan telling me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. After putting down the phone I utterly felt heartbroken, the next year was   horrendous watching my nan get weaker, her hair falling out, looking so frail and old. My nan was lucky she beat it and now has been cancer free now for a year she is a survivor.

I've always saw posts and shares on Facebook promoting the check test and I never really thought about it until after that phone call, when I realised breast cancer can affect anyone. One thing that awful year told me is checking your breasts can save you're life and should be included in your routine regularly.

There is no wrong way to check your breasts it only takes a few minutes and its important you do it often so you can detect a change. Remember to check all parts of your breast, your armpits and up to your collarbone. If you do find anything that is usual go and see your GP where they can check you out. See the Information below on what some of the changes that can happen. Plus don't ever feel embarrassed about checking your breasts or going to the doctor if you do find anything usual. Its always better to be safer than sorry, if things get found out earlier on the better as you will always have more chance of beating it.

I'm hoping at least one person may read this post and check there breasts tonight. Please help raise awareness of checking your breasts regularly.

Here is the Breast Cancer website with loads of information on about breast cancer, how you can donate or help.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Halloween Healthy Challenge - Baking With Kids

I have been challenged by Primula and Sykes Cottages to come up with some healthier Halloween food to tempt my little monsters. Everyone knows Halloween can be full of sugar and chocolate. I wanted to get both children involved with the baking too so the can be aware of the healthier options too.  we are going to be having a mini Halloween party next week so I wanted to do a trial run this week and test out some of my ideas.

I've tried to keep these little treats simple and with items that sometimes can get left and go to waste in fridge. I know sometimes half a pepper can be used and I never manage to eat all six pitta breads before they go off.

Witch Hat Pitta Bread Mini Pizza's

1-2 pitta bread
Tomato purée

Use Halloween shapes to cut out the shapes Spread the tomato purée on to them, then cover with primula, peppers and sweetcorn. Bake for around 5/6 minutes. You could use any other topping cut up small too.

Bat Halloween Shaped Cheese And Cucumber Sandwiches


Simple and easy to do, instead of boring old sandwiches make them fun with some Halloween shapes. Add the filling and cut in to shapes.

Witches Chocolate fingers

Puffy pasty
Chocolate spread

Roll the puffy pasty out, cover the sheet with chocolate spread all over. Then double over the  pastry, cut jagged slices out then bake for around 10 minutes.

Toffee Apples

Last recipe isn't very healthy but a classic Halloween one. My son has wanted to make toffee apples for a while so I thought we would have a go.

2 tablespoons of water
200g of caster sugar
50g of butter
Lolly sticks
Iced cold water in a bowl ( to dip them straight In to cool)

Put the butter, water and caster sugar in to a bowl on a low heat. Once butter has melted turn up the heat and stir until mixture goes brown. Dip the apples and coat with the toffee, then dip straight in to the cold water to go hard.

Link up your recipe of the week
Tasty Tuesdays on

*Disclaimer I received three tubes of cheese primula from Primula and a cookbook/ingredients from Sykes Cottage for their Halloween competition*

Saturday, 18 October 2014

My Geek Box - Nightmare - Horror Box October 2014

I don't generally subscribe to any sort of subscription box. I watch a lot of video unboxing on YouTube and the idea of a surprise box is very exciting, but I'm not really a geek in any sort of way at all. I don't play video games, I can't stand anything that has Star Wars/Doctor Who/Star Trek or Sci Fi on that matter.

This months geek box really caught my eye, I am a huge classic horror/gore buff and I was so pleased I used my gut and bought this box. I have saw so many boxes with walking dead items in lately I was worried this one make be full with them too.

The first item was the Jason Voorees Horror pop vinyl - I was so happy one of these was included, as I've been looking at the collection for some time and I think I'm going to carry on collecting these as it has all my old classics favourites in.

Chucky T-shirt - How cool is this, love Chucky and this is just a pretty cool top isn't it. The quality seems pretty good and i think it has maybe a Sesame Street theme too, i could be wrong?

Horror Classics poster -Just ordered a frame online for this as it going to be going on the wall. Freddy, Frankenstein, Dracula & Michael Myers in a pop art style poster. The poster is really thick and a decent quality.

Also included was the Nightmare before Christmas magnet, ZombieZity figure, monster mates popping candy & a zomblings figure which my son had just started to collect these last week, so he has three now.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Look In My Letterbox

Alice Megan

I've had an awesome week with competition wins, I've been so lucky this month so far. So pleased as I've stepped up my game and been entering a lot more lately.


Rimmel mascara turned up thing it was from a beauty survey I did.

£25 John Lewis/waitrose voucher from the #bakeawish twitter party.

Huge bundle of sebamed items, I'm keeping the shampoo, bodywash and bubble bath then giving the rest to a friend that's just had a baby.

Gorgeous butterfly scarf from a blog competition


A lovely band ring with dance written on.

E45 hand cream from bzzagent

Body form samples - always good to have around for an emergency.

Review items

Candle and diffuser from Tesco


My little pint tights for lexie £3.80 off eBay

My little pony fashems - Sticking fillers from amazon £2.99 each.

Coca-cola OPI polish comes with a polar bear tree decoration. £8.95

Naturelly Jelly Juice Drink Review.

Last week we received a huge box of 24 Naturelly Jelly Juice drinks. Both of my kids love juice and jelly, so I thought they would be great to test out this new drink, but I will be totally honest and say I thought the texture would be pretty strange but it surprised me.

Naturelly is an all-natural Jelly Juice drink made from fruit juice and gellan gum. Gellan Gum is a dietary fibre that helps fill your child up for longer. It is a very special non-animal gel source which is suitable for vegetarians and people with religious dietary practices.

The drink comes in the following flavours Totally Tropical, Summer Fruits and Apple. I don't like to buy heavy sugar drinks for the kids so I was pleased to find out that this contains natural sugars only. 

The squeezy pouches are great for when you are the go, with a cap to reseal they are perfect to pop in a bag to take anywhere then throw away, so you aren't carrying bottles around all day. Both the kids enjoyed the jelly juice and the texture its actually really nice no lumps. Its just a smooth watery jelly perfect snack and drink.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Halloween Nails And Halloween Beauty At Tesco

You all know I'm a huge an of nail polish, I don't normally do a lot of nail art as I don't have a steady hand. This is my first attempt so please be gentle with me. I've tried to do pretty simple ones to start off with which would look perfect for the Halloween season. Dripping blood nail, Frankenstein nails and a pumpkin face.

Check out these fab beauty bargains at Tesco this Halloween. Prices to suit every budget, starting from £3.00, traditional Halloween colours orange, black and plum. Perfect for dressing up or going out.